Thursday, December 20, 2007

If it aing't been on the street, i don't want to eat it...

I just came back from the muslim quarter of Xian, and had one of the most amazing meals i have ever had in my life.. and all for less than $3. Not only do people sell food on the street so to speak, but they cook them as well. I hope later to be able to link some cool photos. I got to see first hand my food cooking; the irony was that even in sit down restuarants, they all cooked their food outside, and just brought the cooked food to the sit down patrons. The city's muslims all wore white skull caps, so it was pretty easy to distinguish them. In front of the stalls or restaurants, there were little boys who were hawkers. They would cry out as loud as they can in their voices the prices of their food...

Anyhow.. on to the menu
for 10 RMB or $1.35, i got 10 skewers of roast lamb. They had the perfect seasoning with a hint of pepper and heat. I had to stop myself several times from getting more.

6 RMB got me a dozen dumplings, also made with lamb meat. (I think lamb is much cheaper than beef, and since they are muslims, pork is out of the question).

1 RMB got me this DELICIOUS friend persimmon and spiced dough cake. It was absolutely delicious, and i am convinced that if an american chef started to sell them it would be huge here in the U.S.

And finally 5 RMB for this sour plum/pear juice drink, with dried kiwis .. this was a favorite of my as a child, and i am glad i got some.

THere were some other dishes that i wanted to try, but were just too stuffed. They had this awesome beansprouts, with rice mixture folded into flatbread and fried that smelled unbelievably good, as well as this potatoe stew mixture that was very popular.

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