Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Trip

This is my travel blog. I will post my urbane, witty observations of Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing, and yes, even the general vagaries and comedies of modern day travel.


I have talked about going to China and Hong Kong for the better part of 5-8 years. This of course means, that i have always managed to find a way to avoid going on the trip. Part of the reason i keep finding excuses not to go, has been my fear of travelling alone, this fear is only eclipsed by my fear of traveling with my dad. Don't misunderstand me... i love my dad, and i get along quite well with him. However, i don't think i can recall any 3 day stretch with my father where we didn't get into a knock down, drag out, no emo-holds barred fight. Screams of, " I am NOT you!" or "You think you know me"

Anyhow, this reluctance has led me to doubt that i would actually be on a flight to China in my lifetime, much less tomorrow. So.. my preparation for this trip has been to a) buy a Lonely Planet, b) get a voltage adaptor.

I find myself the night before my big trip fighting a cold and unpacked. (i did somehow manage to get my visa and even my hotel booked.)

My Plan

Right now my plans are simple. My time in Hong Kong will be spent in helping my father with the arrangements to bury my grandmother (ashes). I will get to see my grandfather's grave for the first time. My grandfather has played such a central role in my family, and their interaction, i am looking forward to visiting his grave with my father.

I lived in Hong Kong for two years, but i was too young, and my memories are all just a jumble of open air markets, large crowds, and small animal pets.

Xian is my "historical" tour. I will be alone on this leg of the trip, and i'll get a chance to visit the archaeological wonders of the tomb of hte first emperor. They say each soldier has his own face and expression, i am going to try and find a soldier that looks like me.

And finally Beijing.. the forbidden city, the capital, and the site of this years coming summer olympics. Should be fun. I plan on finding duck to eat, noodles to marvel at, and maybe crickets to fight.

Expectations of this Blog.

Oh.. so, while i am happy to give you my thoughts and observations. I want this to be an "interactive blog" so to speak. I encourage those of you to comment and tell me things you think i should be doing, picturs i should be getting, and ask me any questions you feel appropriate for my adoring mass of fans to read.

Of course, i have no idea if the Chinese Internet will allow me to blog, or if they will restrict this blog. If it is restricted, well i guess i'll have to bottle up my with and observations for later use.

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Marie said...

Screams of, " I am NOT you!" or "You think you know me"


Also, did you take the title of this blog from my paper? Because that would be intensely flattering.

Take lots of pictures of your people. Also, if you can, go to the country side. I've heard good things.

I can't believe you're so far away.