Friday, December 14, 2007

Franchise countdown

For my adoring fans..

i wanted to give people a nice count of the franchises i have seen here..

Outback steakhouse, 7-11s (everywhere!), Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, Circle K, and yes... at the top of Victoria Peak, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

What i found really interesting is that while the spaces in HK are much smaller than in the US, they really do try to get the same decor and feel for each of the franchises. Starbucks feels like a US starbucks, and the 7-11s, despite having shrimp chips and rice drinks, also feel exactly like a US 7-11, minus the drunk outside.

I'll be adding more when i get the chance.

Please post any comments or questions.

For instance, is there a franchise you think that does NOT exist in Hong Kong, and i will find it.


Marie said...

why spend 15.5 hrs on a plane just to get to America again? Talk about the things that are weird. Have you eaten anything insane yet? Are there communists everywhere? Have you made contact w your people yet? Is your dad w you?

-Fantastically Faithful Fangirl

Linus said...

That is the strange thing though! I know that corporate america is invading the world, but it is so blatant. Literally, outside of my hotel are 2 7-11s, one Outback Steakhouse, and one circle K.

If there is something that is odd, it is that everyone speaks english, consumer culture is everywhere, yet there are no "bokgwei" anywhere!

Jen said...

Victoria's Secret?

Linus said...

Good one! I will be going to a big shopping mall later.